Feeding that Doubt & Belief when your jumping out your comfort zone…..

Sitting at my kitchen table with my toddler on my knee, leaning against my very pregnant belly, while i tap away on my Mac with a nice cup of tea, a cookie or two & a phone balanced on my shoulder while I chat away with one of my fellow mumprenkeur colleagues. The reality Involves Peppa Pig on YouTube…. Sounds Idyllic, right? Isn’t this how it looks in the Google pictures?I hate to burst the bubble but its not quite like that. I don’t say this to put you off, but when i speak to people about this business, I need to stress that it is still work. Nothing that comes free & easy is worth having. However, when you learn to make something work for you, around your family, around your super demanding kids & partner, jobs & chores ect… there is nothing more satisfying than when it starts to pay off.


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