Anxiety’s a bitch…….but my business is a lifesaver!

In my mid twenties I started having issues with anxiety. I didn’t realise at the time that that was what it was but I would have these horrific thoughts at nighttime (nights were the worst!) & in the daytime I would periodically have spiralling thoughts, it would start with any situation, for instance when I was about to cross the road, then within a millisecond I could see my family getting hit by cars & imagining my life without them & the consequenses of this…..I know this sounds dramatic but this is the reality for people with anxiety and how their own mind can go at a million miles an hour in a matter of seconds & start making you feel like utter shit for longer & longer each day before it eventually takes over completely, because we don’t know how to stop it.Then the panic attacks start, they are particularly fun while driving!


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