Our travels, past, present & future…

We have been lucky enough to be born with itchy feet.Maybe we both have gypsy blood in us but I certainly love nothing more than just taking off into the greenery in my car, sometimes alone, sometimes as a family & sometimes just me & my son. It makes me feel alive (cheesy I know but totally true) There’s no other way to describe it.Frankly I find the thought of staying in one place for the rest of our lives terrifying. I am certain that we are not destined to be rooted to one spot. My world is where my boys are, & that doesn’t really matter to me where that is, as long as I always have the freedom to go home to the UK whenever I choose. This is priority number one, & this is why I have chosen to build a residual income stream that will accommodate this lifestyle, wherever we are & how ever long we intend to stay.So many people like to tell you that your dreaming, that this life is not possible “especially with kids!” AAAARRRRGGGHHHH there is nothing more annoying than others


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